Our Philosophy and Values

Corporate Gold Limited's vision is “to build value for its entire community”. Building value entails increasing value of all assets i.e.

(a) Property

(b) Cash and inventory

(c) People

(d) Ideas

If we want good projects, we must concentrate on developing good relationships and building our human resources. Good projects are built and sustained by good people.

Staff interacting during break time

Staff interacting at break time


We must concentrate on building our greatest and most valuable asset – our people. Our primary focus must be to build lives and relationships. We need to have a sense of both the individual and corporate needs for a happy and productive workplace. In our vision, we say, “Our business practices subscribe to the highest standards of moral and professional conduct.”

The following are some principles we should always keep in mind:

  • Our workplace, whether it be the office, the mine, a factory or a tent in the field, should provide us with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • The workplace should therefore enhance the “four corners” of a healthy, balanced and productive human being:

1. Physical Health

2. Intellectual Health

3. Mental Health

4. Spiritual Health

  • A workplace should be where relationships are built, acknowledged and nurtured.
  • A workplace should be where truth is not feared. It is OK to make a mistake. However, through teamwork, let’s try not to make the same mistake.
  • The workplace should be filled with confidence in the future – free from fear of loss of job, arbitrary decisions and disjointed work practices.
  • The workplace should be efficient and effective – a place where people work together as a team. Humour and goodwill should be a strong part of our culture.
  • The workplace should be open to the broadest spectrum cultures – always open, accepting and sensitive to differences.

Our team and Company boundaries extend far beyond our formal corporate boundaries to consultants, contractors, customers, partners, and all other stakeholders.



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