The degree to which we are able to protect the environment is fundamental to the long-term viability of our business.

Mine Safety
Safety comes first at our mining site. Operations are carried out with the observance of highest safety standards. In maintaining these standards, human factors, operating factors and machine factors are professionally and technically considered and our machines are constantly maintained and replaced when necessary.

Backhoe excavating  for pit sampling


Ecological / Waste Management
In keeping with environmental laws, our ecological and waste management techniques are of international standard. Every dug up site are refilled and treated for regeneration and sustenance of normal eco-culture. Our quality operational control measures do not pose any health hazard to the community.

Thus, our operation has been designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize its acceptability to the public while striving to protect the health and safety of our employees and the environment in the communities where we work.

Drainage channel for regular water supply with additional borehole to supplement


The contribution of mining to community sustainability begins at the earliest stages of exploration and extends through construction, operation, and long-term care and maintenance. The first and most direct contribution is the creation of jobs. The Company uses its best effort to hire local people so that the full value of the income accrues locally.

Training and skills development in the local population can provide lasting benefits while royalty and tax payments contributes to the provision of infrastructure, education, health care and other services.

Corporate Gold Limited recognizes that environmental and social priorities must be placed alongside financial priorities in order to conduct it business in the best interest of it development and all of its other communities of interest.


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