Corporate Gold Limited is made up of a team of investors and professionals in the industry. Our Geologists, Engineers and Technicians our highly qualified and skillfully trained in the latest technology, methods and quality management techniques in mining operations.

Completed Explorer IV processing plant in operation

Corporate Gold Limited is equipped with the latest state of the art mineral mining equipment and machineries designed for standard mining operations.

We have in our arsenal, various categories of earthmoving and sampling equipment which range from excavators, bulldozers, and loaders.

The main mining unit is an Explorer IV gold mining unit from Dove Machineries and Equipment with an estimated processing output of 50-75 tonnes per hour. The Explorer IV comes with a fully functional conveyor belts system.


Perspective view of Explorer IV


In order to make enough water available for use by both the staff and the community, a borehole had to be sunk to provide enough water for the plant and to enable us meet up with production target as the plant requires quite an amount of water to operate.



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